Dunjiin™ | An Adventurous Game!
Dunjiin™ is an amazingly fun adventure game where you get to explore deep dark places in search of magic, treasure, monsters, and experience! Easy to learn, fast to play, hard to master. Designed for 2-6 players ages 8 and up. No need to read complicated rules in teeny, tiny typefaces or to collect expensive hard to find cards. This stand-alone game will have you Dunjiin™ crawling in minutes.
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Dunjiin is an adventure card game for two to six players. You and your friends will create characters to explore deep dark dank dangerous Dunjiins looking for monsters, magic, treasure while earning valuable experience. Battles are exciting and fast-paced and as you become more powerful, you may discover hidden strategies to challenge even the most seasoned of players.

At its heart, Dunjiin is an Adventure game with Magic, Monsters, Dragons, and Skeletons.

It’s incredibly easy to learn and play. Our specially designed cards act as both Player Characters and Monsters. You will explore deep Dunjiins, uncover powerful Magic, discover glorious Treasure, and gain valuable Experience. The goal of the game is to survive longer than the other players, gaining Levels as you go. As you progress, you’ll learn how to set traps, hire assassins, and summon dragons. You can skillfully dodge Monsters so that they fight other Characters instead. You can use Magic to defeat all but the strongest creatures. You can shop for armor at the Shop, or cast powerful spells to predict your next encounter or make your Character stronger.


In the deepest of places, hide the darkest of monsters. They have secrets, hide untold treasures, and powerful magic. You may find that the monster you begin to battle has a secret of it’s own… 


From the fearsome Sklaar, to the mightiest Dragon… The dangerous Lycanthropic Hyena, and the fearful Ratling. These creatures all pale in comparison to the one Monster everyone fears…


She is Death. Destroyer of Warriors and Mages. She is the Death Fairy and she almost always wins with her powerful charms and spells. When you see her, it’s already too late. 

Dunjiin was designed from the ground up by a family of gamers. Our friends are gamers. Even our enemies are gamers. That’s how hardcore we are. We created this game so that you could throw down and Dunjiin crawl anywhere at any time. No need to collect rare cards here. There’s no confusing little text on these cards. This game is a complete adventure in a box. In development for over 5 years, Dunjiin features beautifully illustrated cards and gameplay unlike any other game. It will only take you a few minutes to learn the basics, but the game gets progressively more challenging as you learn how to level your character, summon fearsome dragons, and hire conniving assassins.

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